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Investigate abandoned places

Sent on a mission by the Aurete Order, you venture into the mansion. Delving deeper into its eerily untainted rooms, you'll uncover a series of cryptic clues and disturbing artifacts that hint at a sinister past. These secrets will challenge your perception of reality and may help you in fighting the evil that rests within.

Maintain your sanity

The oppressive atmosphere of a haunted location can strain your sanity. Before departure, equip yourself with ample provisions and seek refuge in the glow of light to preserve your sanity, lest you become forever trapped as a ghost...

Find tools and escape

Unexpected events can disrupt your plans, forcing you to make an early exit. The mansion's old tools can aid your escape even if your mission remains unfinished. But if you're determined, you can still attempt to fulfill your task, even if it risks your life...

Enter the haunting world of Sinistrium, where your every decision weighs heavily and the line between reality and nightmare blurs. Will you uncover the truth, or succumb to the darkness that taints Ashfort's very essence? The choice is yours, brave soul, for in this realm of horrors, survival hangs by a fragile thread.

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