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At Intrencix

"Crafting interactive games that offers an immersive and exciting approach to having fun."

    - Creator of Intrencix


About Intrencix

At Intrencix, I believe that games have the power to forge meaningful connections with players. It is therefore my mission to strive for the creation of distinctive games that resonate on a profound and personal level.

Through the use of various elements such as interactive storytelling, gameplay mechanics and visual design, I am dedicated to crafting an unforgettable narrative journey that leaves an indelible impression on the players' mind.

Fantasie wereld

Intrencix's core principles


Driven by a passion for pushing creative boundaries and thinking outside the box. All ensuring each experience is a unique and captivating journey.


I strive for the creation of game worlds that captivate all your senses, transport you to fantastical realms, and allow you to completely lose yourself in the magic of immersive experiences.


I believe in fostering a strong and inclusive community where players can come together to embark on exciting adventures, forging meaningful connections along the way.

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