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12 jan. 2024

Sinsitrium reveal


In the eerie town of Ashfort, a well-respected exorcist named Salazar embarked on a daunting task assigned by the Aureate Order. However, his zeal was met with a grim fate as his exorcism ritual turned disastrous, forcing him to make a desperate escape.
Alas, Salazar's valiant attempt to flee the scene proved futile, and he perished within the very house he sought to purify. Unbeknown to senior exorcist Salazar's fate, the Aureate Order dispatched a novice exorcist to investigate.

The novice, eager to prove his mettle, ventured into the haunted edifice, his heart pounding with a mix of trepidation and determination. As he delved deeper into the house's enigmatic depths, he encountered the lingering essence of the malevolent entity that had claimed Salazar's life. Unraveling the sinister mysteries of the mansion, the novice realized the task might not be that straightforward to complete...

With Sinistrium, I aim to create a classic escape room game. Through the power of Unreal Engine 5, I was able to create realistic scenery and an immersive experience. In addition, I wanted to create a personal twist on the genre by adding missions that the player can accomplish.

In the future, I envision expanding Sinistrium to include multiple locations, each with its own unique story and challenges.

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