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26 dec. 2023

Project Starfall


In the depths of an ominous tower, a powerful witch named Aella is held captive, her magic bound by the very structure that imprisons her. Determined to break free from her shackles and alter the course of destiny itself, Aella embarks on a perilous quest to escape her confines.

Using her arcane knowledge, Aella delves into the tower's intricate pathways, seeking any means of escape. She manipulates the very fabric of spacetime, creating temporary rifts that transport her to realms beyond human comprehension.

Aella's journey takes her through breathtaking landscapes, from ethereal floating islands to crystalline caverns adorned with bioluminescent flora. In these fantastical realms, she encounters enigmatic beings and uncovers ancient secrets, all while evading the watchful eyes of her captors.

Amidst her cosmic odyssey, Aella seeks clues and artifacts that could dismantle the tower and grant her freedom. She deciphers cryptic messages etched into ancient artifacts and communes with spirits who whisper tales of the tower's origins and weaknesses.

With this project, I hope to recreate the magic of an explorer visiting ancient realms never seen before by human eyes. Within the twisted tunnels of reality, you will find wonders that were tought to be impossible to grasp by human hands.

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